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PHP16 Years
MySQL16 Years
Joomla6 Years
VueJS 26 Years
CSS + HTML16 Years
WordPress3 Years
ASP.net + MS SQL2 Years
Inkscape7 Years
Firebase1 Year
Blender 3D2 Years
Paper JS4 years
Node JS4 Years.
Android / SQL Lite / JAVA1 Year
Python6 Month
Angular 13 Years
Knockout JS6 months


Webfort Technologies LLP
Founder, CEO
PHP, VueJS, PaperJS, MySQL, Firebase, Tailwind, Bootstrap, WordPress, Blender3D, JavaScript, Firebase, Electron, NodeJS, GitLab, Android(JAVA), SQLite, Web Apps.

SunTec Web Services Pvt. Ltd
Assistant Project Manager
Joomla, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Knockout JS, Angular 1.

CellGell Info Media
Web Developer
Classic Microsoft ASP, Microsoft SQL, Flash, Fireworks, PHP, MySQL.

DialAll Inc
Software Programmer,
C, C++, LAMP Platform for Development, Mambo CMS, Asterisk PBX, Unix, PHP, MySQL, Macromedia Flash, SOAP


New Delhi, India.



Webfort Technologies LLP
Nov 2015 – Present · 6 yrs 5 mos

  • Owned a company providing offshore programming services.
  • Designed & Build Kitchen & Home Visualizer using Blender 3D,HTML & CSS.
  • Designed and Delivered 2 SaaS platforms catering a Full Suite of Services to the Countertop Industry.
  • Developed a Stone Quote Tool using VueJS and PaperJS.
  • Build and Trained Teams that can create unique website designs in 4 hours using our custom SaaS platform similar to Shopify in Architecture.
  • Over 300+ Unique Design Demos for companies who had an existing website to offer a fresh and feature rich website with CRM, Kitchen Visualizer, and Products database of over 15 brands, Quote Calculator, VTiger CRM, SMS and Calling Features.
  • Designed a Unique Page Builder Using VueJS and Widget Builder for speedy Website Generation.
  • Designed the Solution through which Custom Domains can be linked to the SaaS based platform which runs on a Single Code Base on LAMP Stack.
PHP, VueJS, PaperJS, MySQL, Firebase, Tailwind, Bootstrap, WordPress, Blender3D, JavaScript, Firebase, Electron, NodeJS, GitLab, Android(JAVA), SQLite, Web Apps.

Assistant Project Manager

SunTec Web Services Pvt. Ltd
February 2011 – November 2015 4 years 10 months

  • Worked with Sales team to discuss new project requirement as Solution Architect proposing Ballpark and Timelines, Technology Stack, Resources Requirements based on Skill and Experience.
  • Communicated with clients across the Globe throughout the project development process with Development Timeline
  • Conducted Technical Interviews of all the new Applicants in the PHP Division
  • Designed and conducted Training Sessions for the Team on New Technologies
  • Created Time-Estimate Quotes for Clients which were used by Sales team to create Cost Quotes
  • Lead a Development team to a Multi-Platform SaaS Solution for Dentist that was build over the period of 3 Years and worked seamless
  • Lead 3 Development Teams with a total of 15 members that were working on CorePHP, WordPress and Joomla.
  • Designed the companies internal Team Management & Sales Management/CRM
  • Built a Model/Template Code Generator that generated Advance features that reduced the development time from 6 hours to 15 minutes
  • Proposed & Design a Employee Evaluation System with various Metrics that automatically generated report of performance based on Punctuality, Project Time Estimates, Communication, Quality of Code etc.
Joomla, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Knockout JS, Angular 1.

Web Developer

June 2009 – February 2011 (1 year 9 months)

  • Designed MLM Solutions based on the custom plans and proposed Reward System in Classic ASP/Microsoft SQL
  • Migrated the exsting Classic ASP/Mircosoft Solutions to LAMP Platform
  • Solutions builld include Job Portals, Web Forums, Custom CMS, Team Management Softwares
  • Responsible for developing Web Solutions on Technologies such on LAMP
  • Worked directly with the clients and designed and proposed solutions
Technologies Classic ASP, Microsoft SQL, Flash, Fireworks, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX.

Software Developer

DialAll Inc New Delhi
April 2005 – February 2008 (2 years 11 months)

  • As C Programmer/PHP Programmer. Was responsible for Design, Development, and Maintenance of Web application called “Teamwork”. That assists Sales and NOC Executive in Various Activities.
  • Responsible for Development and Maintenance of VOIP Calls monitoring systems in PHP for NOC. Used for Checking VOIP call traffic Quality on the “VOIP Switch” from Various Carriers and Vendors Re-developed the Company Website with Online Vendor and Carrier usage management module.
  • Worked on the front-end Web Controller and Calling Card Website in PHP for Asterisk an Open source PBX and Soft-Switch that runs on UNIX. Worked on Voxbone and Paypal API for Developing an online selling of DID’s( Direct Inward Dialing) (PHP, MySQL, SOAP)
  • Did Designing and Worked also as a Flash Programmer and Graphics designer in various projects Mentioned. Which includes building CD intro’s in Flash, Logo Designing, and HTML Websites designing.


Counterdraw is a estimation tool which allows the Kitchen Layouts to be drawn graphically in the Web Interface and placing them on various Slab sizes arranging them by rotating and slicing. The idea is to fit the counter pieces in the minimum Slabs possible. Number of Slabs are used to generate a cost quote.
I developed the entire solution and deployed it on a dedicated linode server.

Technologies : PaperJS, VueJS, Bootstrap

Screenshot of Counterdraw.
Screenshot of counterdraw.
Screenshot of the App

Stone suite is a SaaS based solution for Countertop fabricators which provides them with a Website, CRM, Quote Quote Tool, 3D Visualizer, Cost Calculator, Pre-fetched leads in their area, Email Manager and GPS based Team Tracker and much more.
Was the Project Lead in the Project and also worked as Developer to assist team on complex modules

Technologies : PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, VueJS, jQuery, Vtiger for CRM, Twilio for Calls and SMS.

CodeBuilder– Model / Template Based Code Generator.
Developed for Internal Development Team.
Built a Advance Code Generator that could generate Advance CRUD which reduced the development time of Admin Panel Generation by 80%. Developed a custom templating language for creating templates.
Technology : VueJS, PHP, MySQL

Invented, Designed and Developed the entire solution.

Block Editor
Developed a modern Block Editor with nesting ability in Vue JS, very similar to Notion’s Editor or WordPress Gutenberg Editor.
Technology : VueJS, MySQL, PHP

Built a Tree wise Notes Organizer.
A plugin built for WordPress which allows you to create a document tree which is similar how we navigate using finder on Mac OS.
Technology : VueJS, WordPress REST API, Local Storage for Offline first experience.

Screenshot of Node Notes Web App

Twilio Dialer
Twilio Dialer is a desktop App built with VueJS and Electron, Contains a contact book and calls can be made through a dialer. You can select the Twilio number through which you want to make the call.

BraveUI is an opensource headless UI created as an alternative to Vuetify, wanted a UI library which could be styled using any CSS Library and had more control over design.
Library Home : https://shishirraven.github.io/bravevue/#/
on NPM : https://www.npmjs.com/package/bravevue

Blogs Idea Generator
Blogs Idea generator is a simple tool which takes a keyword an presents Article topics. Built as a WordPress Plugin with Vue JS.
Try the demo here

Kitchen Visualizer

Built a Custom Kitchen Visualizer for the client using Blender 3D.
Visualizer basically allows the users to select different combinations of

  • Countertop Materials – Such as Natural Stone and Quartz. (14 Different bands of popular Quartz)
  • Paint Colors – Benjamin Moore Paints
  • Floor Tiles
  • Cabinet Colors.

and play around to find his perfect kitchen.

I was assigned the task to research and build our own visualizer with the challenge to make it look photo-realistic and not cartoonish.

I did the research, learned Blender 3D and after building a POC, undertook and executed the project.
Here is a demo link.


My Role in the project has been.

  • Building the 3D models after learning Blender 3D and rending techniques. built initial models and later trained non-experienced to build the models and applying textures.
  • Created Python Program that Automates Rendering for each Image texture of the Product skins to product image layers used in the project.
  • Designed Web Interface with Bootstrap, CSS, JQuery that allows you to play with Combinations.


A complete full-featured solution for Dentist Clinics.

  • Clinic Management Solutions.
  • Social Network for Dentist
    • Patient Case Consultation between doctors.
  • Multi Platform Solution
    • Web
    • Android
    • IOS.
  • Multi-lingual
    • French
    • English
  • Interactive Diagnosis Flow Chart
  • Dental Procedure Animation Media Library
  • Patient Database and Billing.
  • Web Chat
  • Mini Site

Formed the team after the project was awarded to us after a through investigation of our skills by a group French entrepreneurs. Joomla was proposed as the best solution for web to serve as the platform on which the project had to be build. I was assigned as the project manager for the project and designed a detailed development and delivery timeline

The team was formed by PHP developers who were not familiar with Joomla and conventions so I trained the team in extension building and theme building.

Lead a team of 6 Web Developers and coordinated the App Development.

The project was huge and had features such as Online Chat, Social Network, Mini Site, Customer Management for Dentists, Bill and Invoice management, Clinical Cases Database, Patient files.

It was a multi-platform project that supported Web, Android and IOS, My role was to lead the complete project. I designed the the complete solution and coordinated between different platforms.

The project was planned and delivered in an year and it was maintained and new features were added for the next few years.

We designed a special feature that allowed the Screen Controls to be passed to any of the registered device. Example if the customer filled the form on Tablet it could be thrown on the other Online Devices such as Desktop. The screens were loaded through QR Code Scanning.

All the application was built according to the European Guidelines for Security of Patient Data.

I designed REST API’s allowed IOS and Android Projects to interact.

Along with Actively leading the development I was an active developer along with a team of 7 who worked on the project for 3 years.

The project was Showcased in ADF Paris Trade fair.

Joomla, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CSS, HTML.


JavaScript, CSS, HTML, GraphQL, JavaScript 6, PHP, Python, C, C++, Java,

CSS Frameworks and Tools
Tailwind, Bootstrap, SaaS, LSS

PHP Frameworks & CMS
Laravel, CodeIgniter, WordPress

Node.js, REST APIs, Vue.js, Vuex, SendGrid API, Google Maps API, Google Maps JavaScript API 3, Stripe, Stripe API, Twilio API, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Web Sockets, Git, Let’s Encrypt, GitHub, NPM, Google API’s, Paypal, Twig, jQuery, PaperJS, Fabric JS,

MySQL, JSON, NoSQL, Cloud Firestore, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage

Frontend Frameworks
VueJS, Vuex.

VS Code, Postman, Github,

3D, 2D design Tools
Blender 3D, Inkscape.

Software Architect, Building Project Timelines, Client Communication,
SaaS Solutions. Web Scraping, Technical Leadership, Electron, Frontend Development.

Linux, Windows, Ubuntu


Bachelor in Computer Application. 2007-2010
Madurai Kamaraj University

Toptal VueJS