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Image Compare Plugin

What is the Image Compare Plugin?

The Image Compare Plugin empowers users to interactively compare two images using a draggable slider. This feature allows viewers to visualize the differences between two images dynamically.

Where is it Used?

  • Image Enhancement Comparison: Use it on your website to showcase image enhancements or retouching. Let users see the difference between the original and enhanced versions.
  • Before/After Body Transformation Results: Perfect for displaying body transformation results, from a “before” image to an “after” image. Users can slide the comparison to witness the transformation.


No Shortcodes/No Complex Menus: Unlike many other plugins, our Image Compare Plugin keeps your WordPress backend clean and uncluttered. You get a simple block that enables image comparisons without adding complex menus.

Responsive: Your images and the slider remain responsive, ensuring that the comparison is accessible and engaging on all devices.

Touch Enabled: The Image Compare tool is touch-enabled, providing a seamless experience on mobile devices, just as it does with a mouse.

Non-Bloated: We’ve optimized the plugin for peak performance. It’s incredibly lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about your website slowing down.

How to Buy Image Compare?

Purchase the Image Compare Plugin from the following link:

Buy the Image Compare Plugin on Gumroad


Our plugin author is committed to providing exceptional support to all users. If you have questions or need assistance, reach out to the author at shishir.raven@gmail.com. Typically, you can expect a response in less than 2 hours.

Need a Custom Block?

If you require a custom block for your website, don’t hesitate to contact the author at shishir.raven@gmail.com. You can get a personalized block coded specifically for your needs at a reasonable price. When reaching out via email, be sure to include the details of the block you’d like to create for a quick quote.

Enhance your website with interactive image comparisons using the Image Compare Plugin. It’s a powerful tool for showcasing transformations and differences, offering a dynamic and engaging user experience. Get started today!