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  • Anticipate. Don’t Improvise.

    Quote from the movie The Killer(2023) “Anticipate, don’t improvise” is a guiding principle that suggests the importance of foresight and preparation in various aspects of life, decision-making, and problem-solving. Here’s a breakdown of the key ideas behind this phrase: Applying this principle can be beneficial in various contexts, such as business, project management, personal development,…

  • How I am building Email Notifications through Google API

    Those who are following my blog might already know that I am building a Backup solution for my team and particularly Kishan who take backup and is spending around 30-60 minutes into this. ????. Building BackupPro has been so much fun since I have heavily used ChatGPT to help me build the code and has…

  • New Features for Backup Pro.

    I am working on a MySQL backup solution to Google Drive for my team who daily spends some time talking backup of our data critical projects. the Idea is to create an Free Open Source PHP based solution that we can setup easily. You can know more about it in this blog post. List of…