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  • How to see the SQL Queries being executed in WordPress REST API

    You can add the following filter and you will see the queries in the Response Header.

  • Anticipate. Don’t Improvise.

    Quote from the movie The Killer(2023) “Anticipate, don’t improvise” is a guiding principle that suggests the importance of foresight and preparation in various aspects of life, decision-making, and problem-solving. Here’s a breakdown of the key ideas behind this phrase: Applying this principle can be beneficial in various contexts, such as business, project management, personal development,…

  • How I am building Email Notifications through Google API

    Those who are following my blog might already know that I am building a Backup solution for my team and particularly Kishan who take backup and is spending around 30-60 minutes into this. ????. Building BackupPro has been so much fun since I have heavily used ChatGPT to help me build the code and has…