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Keeping wordpress clean.

WordPress is a amazing software and one of the most liked CMS in the world. And I particularly appreciate its ability to be extended. And at the very time it has upgraded itself to become a better editor.

But there is one thing which I both love and hate about the wordpress. With a plethora of themes and plugins available which can practically perform any task. When you start installing a theme and then you download the demo files and then you download the all the additional plugins the whole project looks kind of bloated.

What worries me as a user is security. It’s easier to trust wordpress but then there are thousands of developers that are creating so many good plugins and themes. I kind of get worried about how will I keep my project clean.

Recently I just installed a wordpress and then played my way around with lots of plugins and themes. And at the end it was so much filled with demo data and image files. That the best method for me was to just reinstall wordpress. And then I only installed the plugins that I finalized.

One of the reasons why I want to keep the WordPress clean is also because I want the project to be running fastest as possible. One of our website is kind of slow. Probably because of the custom theme we installed or the plugins which are inside the project. I am still not sure but since everything is set I kind of avoid making changes to the website.

I really do not have a solid solution to keep the wordpress clean but my strategy is to use two wordpress. One for experimenting and the other where the original solution will be installed. Also I would be installing only the the themes and plugins which are trusted. The way I do it is to check the number of downloads, and to check the rating in reviews. But still in terms of security these stats may not always tell much.

If anyone has ideas on how they keep their wordpress site clean and running fast please share your ideas in the comments below.