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Quick Thought Board

One Advantage of Microsoft Edge over others. That is Vertical Tabs. I just Love it.

I Really Love the Vertical Tab’s feature, Vertical Tab.

Vertical Tabs really is easy to read when you have lots of options open as compared to top horizontal tabs.

As a developer I really open hundreds of tabs when I am researching on something. Its difficult to read the title on the tabs once they get over 10, but vertical tabs give you option to read lot more title text when these are open.

Well for all who open Lots of Tabs into browser and need easy navigation, do try Microsoft Edge.

For People who do not want to shift there is an Extension in Chorme that has Vertical tabs

I searched “Vertical Tabs for Chome” found and extension, but I am skeptical to use it because of

  • Security – I am not sure because it is a less used extension.
  • Speed – Sometimes extensions can lower the speed, built in features are more reliable and well tested.