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Solutions to Delhi’s Air Pollution that I can think of.

Living in delhi is great it’s pretty much a great city to live in. But there are some rising issues in our city such as as Pollution and Parking Space. Delhi attracts so many people from around India, especially because you can find work here. And mostly people look for that. With more people there is a need for more accomodation, more transportation and more energy. 

Air is getting more toxic day by day because of the pollutants. Delhi is preparing for these situations for years. Like our bus and autos run on CNG which emits less pollutants than petrol and diesel. We have a pretty good Metro Network. 

But all these in my opinion are failing because the Air Quality is declining. 

I am not an expert on the subject but If I had to solve the problem here are a few things I would have done. 

#1 Control Parking Spaces

In Delhi Parking is one of the greatest issues and improper parking causes so much inconvenience to all the people. Now take one case when the cars are parked on roads which are meant for transit. What happens they narrow down the roads and which in turn results in slower traffic and congestions. If the Delhi Government can focus on preventing these in appropriate parkings. It will solve the issue of having smoother traffic follow. And smoother traffic flow results in vehicle being lesser time on roads which equals to much lower Pollutions. 

#2 Maintain Smoother Roads. 

Mostly the reason people spend so much time on the road is the condition of road itself. Potholes in the road and sometimes no road at all causes so much slowness in traffic. It’s one thing which is easier to implement and focusing on the better roads can result in lesser traffic. 

# Better Public Transport
By adding Metro to Delhi was a great decision and it was done with quality. The project was executed with so much professionalism and speed. I also love the quality of travel by metro. But now with increasing number of travellers on issue is that too many people are stuffed into a metro which makes the travel uncomfortable. So if you have the means to take a Cab or your own car you will simply avoid it. 

In busses too it was a good move to bring in the AC Busses and I really appreciate the move. But when the bus are too overcrowded and have lesser frequency then you will take a bus only when you want to save money and spend more time. 

The Government should improve the quality of service in these sectors and its very simple things which can yield results. 

  1. Increase the no of bus so that people are not stuffed into the bus but have enough breathing space. 
  2. Make it more convenient to travel. In the current situation if you take a bus the experience is like this. First you board the bus and then hustle to get your ticket. then squeezing to find a spot to stand if you do not find a seat. And then the private bus just makes stops on a bus stop for like up to 5-7 minutes to get as much passengers as they get (More passengers = More money). This is not a convenient experience at all. And moreover waiting for the bus adds to the time. These are not difficult to solve. People stuff into the busses because the no of busses which are in service are really lesser than they should be. At peak hours these busses should increased. The stoppage time should be limited to only for a minute or two. The Bus should provide high Speed internet to the travelers. There should be smart cards that would allow the users to pay for the ticket easily because getting the right change is also always and issue while buying tickets. 
  3. Encourage Shared Cabs. Shared cabs ensures that we fully utilize the vehicle used. It 4 people travelling can use the same cab instead of using 4 different vehicles it definitely saves so much energy consumption, frees the road. All this co-relate to cleaner air. 

Please leave comment on what you think is a solution.