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Being Organized.

When you are not organized in thought and action you tend to lose and lot of things in life. Such as time. It’s like when you are preparing for an exam. If you do not know how much time it should take you to complete the course material you will are more likely not to devote enough time in organizing your time around.

Now it’s not always about starting early but it also about knowing the exact amount of effort required. Timing and order of things also play and important role. For example if you get too early you would have to wait for things to happen and you will tend to lose rest if you do not have anything to do. And if you get up too late then it is likely that you will make other wait.

Now this goes with everything a proper calculation and plan for things can make you act at proper time and get thing right without losing too much of effort.

Bing organized can comprise of many things of these things are the following which are most important.

Planning is most important aspect of Organizing.

There are many stages of a planning. When we plan for a certain goals we tend to also develop a strategy that will be most efficient and effective. Efficiency and effectiveness is not a goal initially in any task. But if you want to achieve greater results with least efforts then these special points play a very crucial role.

Like for example making a simple a Shopping List before you go out for shopping can make it so much easier for you to plan your route. Even inside the shopping list if you organize the items in the order of priority you are more likely to spend best of your energies on the items which will give you most utility.

We run mostly on routines and habits more than what we plan.

Now it’s not always that we get time to organize our day. And usually the day starts with our routine and habits. Routines and habits take some time to form but these are the ones which control us. We subconsciously take actions which we do not take be actively thinking about but kind of happen automatically.

Like it’s quite automatic for people to get up in the morning and brush your teeths. the do not consciously think much about it. Like any pros or cons about brushing it just happens automatically. It’s very important to have this kind of automatic behavior because you just can keep thinking about such a small topic every day. It just goes with that it is is good to brush your teeth daily period. I am not saying that you will never think about brushing your teeth or reconsider the toothpaste you are using. Yes of course you will do sometimes. But not always.

Not everything can be planned.

Attention and focus is something which is rare and as we are going towards the future we have so much to think. There is an explosion of information which is available online. Even deciding a decent dish from the list of endless options of menu which is available at the food apps is process that can cause decision fatigue. Deciding what needs to be done in a day in an efficient manner is quite a game in itself. Our lives are filled with so much and we can give attention to very little things. So not only we have to plan our lives but it is also true that we need to plan on the important aspects of our life than all the life as a whole.

Because it would be difficult to plan everything. So one of the good ways to plan our lives is to plan our time even before we plan our money. Because we have very limited time. If we know how we can manage our time we will understand so much about our lives.

Plan you Routine.

Routine is something that you can do mindlessly everyday and this is one of the things which will affect your future the most. Like you going to the GYM. you can mindlessly go from one exercise to another as told to you by your Gym instructor. But once you are regular and devoting a few months you will develop a good physique. Now all this happen when it becomes you routine. But when you break the routine then its is somewhat impossible to achieve. Routines are powerful and these must be harnessed.