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Am I Hopeful about Delhi? Parking, Illegal Constructions, Cleanliness.

Growing population, Growing Problems
Delhi is great for me in so many ways, a city where i was born and raised here, and spent all my entire life here until now. But the city has many growing concerns because the population is growing day by day.

Work in progress everywhere.
Driving through congested areas towards office me and my cab driver has an interesting conversation about how the Delhi can be better, there are loads of illegal constructions going on in Delhi and so much constructions is in progress here and there.

Are the people who come to delhi for work to blame?
My Sardar Cab driver has a lot to say about the state. Mostly the blame went to the people who are from other states and in search of work land up to here. A place where anyone could find work and usually they stay wherever they can find shelter and slowly they build up their own slum dwellings.

Illegally Possession of Public Property
After a prolonged period it becomes as adverse possession. He told me that in the past Government has taken steps to remove the slum dwellings by giving free land and flats to these people. But what happens later is that these flats and lands are sold and they again return create slums wherever they can find space.

My Cab driver says it’s hopeless!
It was an interesting conversation. But he was not hopeful that anything positive can happen. And he was sure that government also can’t do anything (Kejriwal nor Modi).

I am still hopeful!
I am very hopeful that things can change. It’s only a matter of finding the right solution. It might take time but there is nothing which is impossible. This is what I believe.

Not everything can be solved in a day, but we can focus on most important issues and just start solving.

A few things which I think should happen are according to me.

  1. Stop Illegal Constructions when they start happening.
  2. Focus on Education. If new Generations is Educated then they have better chances of finding good Jobs and home and who would not love to live in a better place or make their own place and surroundings better.
  3. Make strict rules for Parking
  4. Make and Maintain better roads.

This is an interesting topic and I would love to discuss more about it with my cab driver today. But my destination arrived.

Write in comments what you think.