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How Alt+Tab Preview appears after Naming Chrome Windows

Name your Chrome Windows for Easy Identification when switching between windows – Google Chrome Productivity Tip.

What for I should Name a Google Chrome Window? Where is it helpful?

Useful when you work with multiple Chrome Window and get Lost when pressing Alt + Tab.

Results : On Hover of Tab in Task bar.

Screenshot demonstrating how you get the preview after renaming windows

Results : On Alt+Tab when you switch windows.

Screenshot demonstrate how you see the preview in Alt+Tab after you Name the windows in chrome.

How to Name a Google Chrome window

Method 1

Right Click on the blank area on the tabs and you will find the Option of Name Window. Use it to rename it whatever you like.

Method 2

Open the three-dot menu, and go to ‘More Tools’. Then, click on ‘Name Window’ from the sub-menu.

How your windows look when you press Alt+Tab