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  • How to see the SQL Queries being executed in WordPress REST API

    You can add the following filter and you will see the queries in the Response Header.

  • Anticipate. Don’t Improvise.

    Quote from the movie The Killer(2023) “Anticipate, don’t improvise” is a guiding principle that suggests the importance of foresight and preparation in various aspects of life, decision-making, and problem-solving. Here’s a breakdown of the key ideas behind this phrase: Applying this principle can be beneficial in various contexts, such as business, project management, personal development,…

  • How I am building Email Notifications through Google API

    Those who are following my blog might already know that I am building a Backup solution for my team and particularly Kishan who take backup and is spending around 30-60 minutes into this. ????. Building BackupPro has been so much fun since I have heavily used ChatGPT to help me build the code and has…

  • New Features for Backup Pro.

    I am working on a MySQL backup solution to Google Drive for my team who daily spends some time talking backup of our data critical projects. the Idea is to create an Free Open Source PHP based solution that we can setup easily. You can know more about it in this blog post. List of…

  • Automating MySQL Backup to Google Drive: Simplify and Secure Your Data! Free & Open source.

    Automating MySQL Backup to Google Drive: Simplify and Secure Your Data! Free & Open source.

    Are you tired of spending precious time manually backing up your MySQL databases every day? Do you find it challenging to keep up with regular backups while ensuring data integrity? Look no further! In this article, I’ll introduce you to an incredible solution that will revolutionize your backup process and give you peace of mind.…

  • Adding Support to Blocks.

    The following is the link to Add Support to the Blocks. https://gist.github.com/shishirraven/ea58dd8b8966801597cab14842887d1a

  • Custom Field Block for WordPress.

    The WordPress Query Block is an efficient and quick way to display dynamic data on any page. It provides a visual interface for designing and showcasing content with various layouts and pagination. However, when it comes to Custom Post Types (CPTs) with Custom Fields, there is no official block available to display the associated meta…

  • Quick Guide to Setup a Custom Block for WordPress.

    The following is a Quick Command which can Scaffold an a Dynamic Block.

  • Using WordPress Base URL in JavaScript

    Problem In certain situations, there is a need to access the base URL of a WordPress site in JavaScript. However, once the JavaScript file is built, it becomes challenging to modify it. When WordPress is installed and mapped to the root of the domain, it is relatively easier to start the URL with /. However,…

  • Bookmarklet to Pick Palette from any website.

  • Creating Block Template from Copied Block Content.

    Problem. In my previous post I explained on how I used Existing blocks in my custom WordPress Blocks in a nested way. And how I use it using a template which is passed to the inner Blocks of how it is recommended in WordPress Documentation. A related problem is how can I build a Array…

  • How to get Nested Block Template for Custom WordPress Block.

    Problem to Solve While creating a Custom WordPress Block I would like to use other Blocks nested inside it such as Group Block and Columns block and further nested blocks. Current Example with InnerBlocks in wordpress only has one Level. Solution An example I found on the internet that works is as follows. Another related…

  • The Power of Understanding: Ensuring Clarity in Task Execution

    The Power of Understanding: Ensuring Clarity in Task Execution

    Introduction In today’s fast-paced work environment, it is easy to fall into the trap of hastily saying “yes” to a task without fully comprehending its nuances and requirements. This can lead to miscommunication, misunderstandings, and ultimately, subpar results. To foster a culture of excellence and productivity, it is crucial for employees to prioritize understanding before…

  • The Pitfall of Feature Bloat: Tips for your first app launch.

    Designing and launching the first version of an app requires careful planning and consideration. The goal is to create an app that appeals to users and successfully converts them into loyal customers. In this article, we will explore effective strategies for planning the initial version of your app to maximize its appeal and ensure its…

  • Enhancing Design Control: Styling Inner Blocks in WordPress

    Enhancing Design Control: Styling Inner Blocks in WordPress

    Discover two powerful approaches to update the style of inner blocks in WordPress and achieve greater control over their design. The first method involves utilizing React to programmatically modify the styles of individual components, allowing for customized interactions and dynamic styling. The second option focuses on CSS styling in the master block, employing CSS variables…

  • WordPress Sidebar Nested Menu with Tailwind CSS

    Demo : Multi Level Menu. Building the Menu Structure in the Backend. 1. Go to Menus — WordPress 2. Click on Menus 3. Click on create a new menu 4. Type “Demo Menu” 5. Click on save_menu 6. Check Sample Menus 10. Click on add-post-type-menu-item 11. Drag highlighted element to form Sub-tiem 14. Click on…

  • Steps to Build a Tailwinds Theme for WordPress

    Steps to Build a Tailwinds Theme for WordPress

    What are you going to Learn ? Why should we use Tailwind CSS for WordPress Tailwind CSS is an excellent CSS Utility library and since I have started using it I could never go back to Bootstrap CSS Framework. The top Reasons why I love Tailwind CSS. When I first used Bootstrap CSS and many…

  • How to build a Settings Page in WordPress.

    How to build a Settings Page in WordPress.

    Outline To build a WordPress settings page, you can follow these steps: Example for Single Text Field Here is an example of a basic plugin that adds a menu page and displays a form with a single text field:

  • Power Up Your Browser with Bookmarklets

    Power Up Your Browser with Bookmarklets

    What are Bookmarklets Bookmarklets are browser bookmarks that execute JavaScript instead of opening a webpage. Bookmarklets are natively available in all major browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Chromium-based browsers like Chrome or Brave. Bookmarklets are small pieces of JavaScript code that can be saved as a bookmark in a web browser. When clicked, a bookmarklet…

  • Name your Chrome Windows for Easy Identification when switching between windows – Google Chrome Productivity Tip.

    Name your Chrome Windows for Easy Identification when switching between windows – Google Chrome Productivity Tip.

    What for I should Name a Google Chrome Window? Where is it helpful? Useful when you work with multiple Chrome Window and get Lost when pressing Alt + Tab. Results : On Hover of Tab in Task bar. Results : On Alt+Tab when you switch windows. How to Name a Google Chrome window Method 1…