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Gutenberg and Pods shortcode.

WordPress Pods pretty well supports the Gutenberg editor inside the custom types but when you want to use the ShortCodes to inside the pages when Gutenberg editor you don’t have a way to create them through wizard.

After searching the Pods documentation I found that they are building a bock for Gutenberg which started 11 months back and there are not much updates at the time I am writing this post.


For now there is no direct solution to this issue until someone decides to create a shortcode generator block for Pods. At least what I could have found at the moment. But to just move forward the following is a solution that works just fine to get you going.

Step1 : Install Classic Editor for WordPress and in settings enable “Allow users to switch editors. “

Step 2 : Switch to classic editor create a short code and then copy code and you can use it just inside a text block in new Gutenberg Editor.

That’s it.

If someone has a better solution please post it in the comments below.