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How to write articles faster?

Tip 1 : Write More. Write Daily. Practice Translates to Speed.

Writing helps in Vocabulary Expansion & Maintenance and it with daily practice it makes it easier for your to translate an Idea to Words.

Writing daily has some great benefits

  1. Your Ideas get improved exponentially.
  2. Writing in the form of Journal helps you gain more clarity and can also help you untangle your thoughts.
  3. It acts as a wake-up call to your brain and you can learn to be creative and thoughtful on demand.
  4. You get more confident and comfortable over time and overcome the fear of making mistakes.

Ideas that can help you to write Daily

Habit forming by not “Breaking the Chain.”

Habits are the invisible force that control our actions. They are automatic routines that run on autopilot. Some habits are good for us, while others keep us locked in a cycle of self-destruction.  

Habits can be developed with consistency and discipline. The key to creating positive change is to focus on starting small and building upon new habits over time.

You can use a calendar to mark when you wrote daily. And can track the continuous chain of writing.

Marking on a calendar can help you track your writing habit.

Write At the Same Time Every Day

Writing at the same time daily can make the process of forming writing habit easier. and time can give you cue to suggest that you write.

Quotes to Encourage you.

he quotes below are to inspire you, make you think and help you take action. You can also put them somewhere in you room or on your desktop.

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.”

— E.B. White

I write every morning.

Ernest Hemingway

You have to write whether you feel like it or not.

Khaled Hosseini

Create an outline first, it gives your article rails on which you can run your thoughts train much smoother.

Giving an outline makes it easier to focus on a single point and explain it further. You just need to think and write about only the current point from the outline.

When you have the structure in place it make your mind more peaceful and calm. It prevents your mind to wander as you know exactly on what topic you have to write next.

You can write an outline in the beginning when your mind and focus are the sharpest. This way you don’t have to push yourself when you get tired in the later hours of the day. It is really a speed booster.

Always edit in the End, to avoid breaking the flow of thoughts.

When you are editing your articles while writing the first draft, you are actually break the your flow of thoughts. So many experts suggest that you follow the rule of not touching the backspace. Keep the words flowing and soon your productivity will soar.

This helps you finish your first draft in quickest time possible.

Additionally you can also turn off the Spell-Checker so that you even do not get distracted by spelling mistakes you make.
(Of course you can check for Grammar and Spelling mistakes just before you Publish)

Learn and use Touch Typing to write faster.

Touch Typing is a skill that can help you write faster. It not only saves time but it improves posture and focus.

As a writer it’s important for you to match your speed of through with the speed of recording it through keyboard. And learning touch typing is a great way to easily boost it.

Within 2-3 weeks of practice you would be able to type at a much faster speed without even looking at the keyboard anymore.

Use Voice Typing to write your copy.

With accurate voice recognition tools it has become easier to speak your notes to the application. Google Docs has an in-built Voice to Text feature that I use often to write down Ideas.

It makes it easier to prepare your draft and then later edit it to produce the final copy.

Choose the Most Productive time in the day.

Writing needs you to be in the most Peaceful time of the day so that you can write with quality. A good writing with your full attention and high energy can really help you create a copy that you would have to edit lesser in future.

Experts suggest that the best time to write is in the morning because you have greater potential to think and reason with yourself than any other time in the day.

Read Regularly.

Reading regularly helps you feed your mind with different ways to express yourself as you make your vocabulary richer with every read.

Reading also helps you gain knowledge, New Ideas and techniques that will stretch your mind. This will definitely reflect in your writing and will help you overcome writer’s block.

Get rid of distractions

  • Work in an office or quiet space
  • Write offline
  • Finish all important tasks before writing

Learn Shortcuts on your Editor.

Shortcuts for Headings, Bold, Italics, Alignment can really speed up the formatting the articles. It is a good habit to learn all the shortcuts for your editor of choice for functions you perform regularly.

Do you really think these tips are helpful in writing a articles faster? Please do write more about it in the comments below. I am really interested in learning what works for you!