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New Features for Backup Pro.

I am working on a MySQL backup solution to Google Drive for my team who daily spends some time talking backup of our data critical projects. the Idea is to create an Free Open Source PHP based solution that we can setup easily.

You can know more about it in this blog post.

List of New Features Added to Backup Pro.

  • Good Drive Folder Selection – Now you can choose a folder of your choice to upload the Backup.
  • Dynamic File Name – You can now create unique file Name for Backup Pro.
  • Better Installation Experience.
    Now when you Install Backprop it automatically detects if the folder is writable and gives you instructions on how to setup Backup Pro File Permissions on your Platform.
    It detects the platform automatically for you. So you get just the Instructions you need.

If you have suggestions for new feature you can send me your suggestions. on either the github repository or you can drop me a mail at shishir.raven@admin.

If you wish to contribute on BackupPro here is the source code.

If you like the project please give a start on the github repo page