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Steps to Build a Tailwinds Theme for WordPress

What are you going to Learn ?

  • ? How to Setup Tailwind for WordPress Theme.
  • ? How to Create WP Homepage Template with Tailwinds.
  • ? How to Create WP Menu Walker with Tailwind CSS for Header Menu
  • ? How to use Prose for Article Content.

Why should we use Tailwind CSS for WordPress

Tailwind CSS is an excellent CSS Utility library and since I have started using it I could never go back to Bootstrap CSS Framework.

The top Reasons why I love Tailwind CSS.

When I first used Bootstrap CSS and many years later, it remained the #1 library that I used in all my projects. But it has some drawbacks that Tailwind resolved and hence prefer Tailwind now.

? All Sites look very Similar with Bootstrap.
? Overriding CSS to make the Components look different is Tricky.
? Lot’s of Unused CSS for Components that I don’t use is Included on Simple Projects.
? Small Tweaks required on few instances still require to Write and Add CSS.

? Tailwind is super flexible in terms of Design, it is a utility first framework.
? You can customize your CSS in-place by just replacing or adding CSS Classes.
? ✨Clean CSS – Don’t need to add custom classes for almost 99% of changes. So no Custom-CSS no bad approaches possible.
? Non-Bloated and ⚡Lighting Fast – Only the CSS that is required in generated in production.

How to Setup Tailwind for WordPress Theme.

We would be using https://underscoretw.com/ to create our starter theme.

All you need to do is –

  1. https://underscoretw.com/
  2. Type the theme name you want
  3. hit “Generate.”

Once you generate the theme you can keep the Starter theme into you WordPress Folder.